PRODUCER PRICES (April 21, 1997)

Aluminium: LME settlements US$1,520.50 per tonne, alloy $1,425 per tonne (April 15/97).

Antimony: Composite free market, US$2,400 per tonne (April 15/97).

Bismuth: Composite free market US$3.11 per lb. (April 15/97).

Cadmium: Composite free market US$0.62 per lb. (April 15/97).

Chromium: Turkish ore, 48% chromium oxide US$160 per tonne (April 15/97).

Cobalt: Composite free market US$22.85 per lb. (April 15/97).

Copper: Comex May delivery US$1.0625 per lb. (April 15/97).

Indium: Indium Corp., ingot, US$335 per kg (April 15/97).

Iridium: Johnson Matthey US$170 per oz. (April 15/97).

Magnesium: Composite free market US$1.80 per lb. (April 15/97).

Manganese: Composite free market US$1,230 per tonne (April 1/97).

Molybdenum: Composite free market, US$4.65 per lb. molybdenum in oxide (April 15/97).

Niobium: Composite spot ore US$3.00 per lb. niobium pentoxide (April 15/97).

Osmium: Johnson Matthey US$500 per oz. (April 15/97).

Rhodium: Johnson Matthey US$280 per oz. (April 15/97).

Silver: Handy & Harman, New York US$4.690, Toronto $6.686 per oz. (April 15/97).

Tantalum: Composite spot ore US$28.75 per lb. tantalum pentoxide (April 15/97).

Tin: LME settlement US$5,695 per tonne; Kuala Lumpur tin market US$5.636 per kg (April 15/97).

Titanium: Sponge, composite free market US$4.25-4.50 per lb. (April 15/97).

Tungsten: Composite spot ore US$5,000 per tonne (April 15/97).

Uranium: Uranium Exchange Co. restricted spot price — US$12.50 per lb. U3O8; unrestricted (CIS-origin) spot price — US$11.75 per lb. U3O8 (April 14/97).

Vanadium: Composite free market US$4.00 per lb. vanadium oxide (April 15/97).

Zinc: Composite free market, SHG US$0.6023 per lb. (April 15/97).



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