INSIDER TRADING — St. Genevieve Res. buys into subsidiaries

Insider trading reports from recent weeks show that Montreal-based St.

Genevieve Resources (SGV-T) increased its shareholding in two of its subsidiaries: Far East Gold (FEGI-C) and KWG Resources (KWG-T).

St. Genevieve bought 1.1 million shares of Far East Gold at $2.48-4.45 and sold 185,200 shares at $3.13-4.40 to hold 4.2 million shares. The company also bought 429,900 shares of KWG at $9.07-19.08 and sold 399,200 shares at $9.47-18.92 to hold 4.4 million shares.

Other insider trades reported by the Ontario Securities Commission during the period Aug. 16-Sept. 6 include the following:

* Arequipa Resources (AQP-T) — D.E. DeWitt, director, exercised 20,000 options at $1.40 and sold 20,000 shares at $18.90-19.00 to hold no shares, and received 60,000 options to hold 60,000 options. J.D. Lowell, director, sold, through the Lowell Family Limited Partnership, 197,350 shares at $20.13-30 to hold 2.7 million shares through the partnership, and 225,000 personally.

* Aurizon Mines (ARZ-T) — I.S. Walton, director, bought 39,000 shares at $1.09-1.12 to hold 242,300 shares directly and 53,500 indirectly. Andre Ouellet, senior officer, bought 17,000 shares at $1.07-1.24 to hold 17,000 shares.

* Band-Ore Resources (BAN-T) — R.L. Duess, director, sold 13,550 shares at $7.38-11.00 to hold 445,850 shares.

* Bema Gold (BGO-T) — B.D. Rayment, director, exercised 50,000 options at $2.07 and sold 50,000 shares at $5.20-5.90 to hold no shares and 25,000 options. T.A. Garagan, senior officer, received 45,000 options exercisable at $5.25 to hold 145,000 options.

* Currie Rose Resources (CUI-V) — H.D. Smith, director, exercised 240,000 options at 20-30 cents, converted 102,942 warrants at 40 cents, sold 450,883 shares at 45 cents, bought 50,000 shares at 43 cents, and acquired 300,000 shares in an unspecified transaction to hold 787,246 shares. He was granted 373,000 options to hold 373,000. W.D. Sutherland, director, exercised 110,000 options at 15-30 cents, converted 103,333 warrants at 45 cents, sold 160,000 shares at 45 cents, and received 150,000 options to hold 106,333 shares and 150,000 options.

* Diadem Resources (DIR-M) — G.C. Silverman, director, sold 6,560 shares at $6.10-6.25 to hold 200,227 shares.

* Golden Queen Mining (GQM-T) — C.M.T. Thompson, director, bought 26,700 shares at $2.17-2.25 to hold 332,866 shares.

* Greenstone Resources (GRE-T) — James Anthony, director, received and exercised 20,000 options at $1.50-2.05 and sold 20,000 shares at $15.50-15.55 to hold 52,797 shares directly and 11,958 indirectly.

* Madsen Gold (MGF-T) — J.H. Morlock, director, bought 13,000 shares at $2.30-2.50 to hold 2.2 million shares.

* Manson Creek Resources (MCK-T) — G.H. Harper, senior officer, sold 143,000 shares at 60-90 cents and bought 25,100 shares at 51 cents to hold 233,730 shares.

* Miramar Mining (MAE-T) — M.L. Surratt, director, sold 20,000 shares at $7.37-7.40 to hold 133,000 shares. Richard Miller, director, sold 5,000 shares at US$4.81 to hold no shares.

* Pentland Firth Ventures (PFO-T) — G.M. Hughes, director of an affiliate, sold 53,500 shares at $1.40-1.95 to hold 146,700 shares.

* River Gold Mines (RIV-T) — G.M. Bryson, director, bought 9,700 shares at $4.20-4.30 to hold 62,700 shares.

* Roxmark Mines (RMK-T) — Monir Younan, director, exercised 250,000 options at 10 cents and sold 200,000 shares at 20-25 cents to hold 54,000 shares.

* St. Genevieve Resources (SGV-T) — P.R. Gauthier, director, bought, through Gencap, 1.5 million shares privately at $1.42 and 2.3 million shares on the market at 72 cents-$1.33, and sold 2.1 million shares at 77 cents-$1.45 to hold 6.2 million shares and received 850,000 options. Gencap, in its own right, bought 389,150 shares at $1.61-2.15 and sold 232,400 shares at 98 cents-$2 to hold 7.3 million shares.

* William Resources (WIM-T) — Stan Bharti, director, sold 82,000 shares at $1.40-1.50 to hold 1.3 million shares.


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