INSIDER TRADING — Kinross, Viceroy repurchase shares

Recent filings with the Ontario Securities Commission show that both Kinross Gold (K-T) and Viceroy Resource (VOY-T) repurchased shares in their respective companies in April. The former bought 1.3 million shares at $2.81-3.21 each, to hold that many, whereas the latter bought 176,700 shares at $1.55-1.65, to hold 1.23 million.

Other recent transactions, as reported in the OSC Bulletin, include the following:

  • Afriore (AFO-V) — Harvey White, director, bought 50,000 shares at 60-62 cents and sold 74,000 shares at 62-89 cents to hold 420,263 shares.
  • Goldcorp (G-T) — David Beatty, director, exercised 30,000 options at $5.06 and sold 20,000 Class A shares at $10-10.25 to hold 32,000 options and 18,000 Class A shares.
  • Indochina Goldfields (ING-T) — Eric Friedland, director, bought 150,000 shares at $1-1.10 to hold 260,000 shares; and Douglas Kirwin, officer, bought 5,649 shares under a plan at 73 cents to hold 94,875 shares.
  • Mountain Province Mining (MPV-V) — Paul Shatzko, director, sold 20,200 shares at $2.15-2.91 and bought 3,200 shares at $2.45 to hold 273,301 shares; and Glenmore Highlands, owner of more than 10% of the company, sold 25,000 shares at $2.35-2.65 to hold 16.27 million shares.
  • Novagold Resources (NRI-T) — Gerald McConnell, director, bought 22,500 shares indirectly at 73-92 cents to hold 33,000 shares indirectly; and Viceroy Resource, owner of more than 10%, received 3.4 million shares in exchange for property and now holds that many shares.
  • Rex Diamond Mining (RXD-T) — Serge Muller, director and owner of more than 10% of the company, bought 1.5 million shares privately at $1.82 to hold 17 million shares.
  • Santa Cruz Gold (SCG-T) — Nicholas Tintor, director, sold 191,701 shares at 7-9 cents to hold 130,299 shares.
  • Inmet Mining (IMN-T) — Thomas Kierans, director, bought 22,100 shares at $3-3.30 to hold 40,053 shares.
  • Dia Met Minerals (DMM-T) — The company bought 28,500 shares directly at $18.4-21.25 to hold 259,200 shares.
  • Golden Rule Resources (GNU-T) — Glen Harper, director, sold 47,000 shares indirectly at $1.01-1.23 to hold 173,900 shares indirectly.
  • Guyana Goldfields (GGFI-C) — Patrick Sheridan, Jr., director, bought 53,475 shares indirectly at 36 cents-40 cents to hold 303,625 shares indirectly.
  • Pele Mountain Resources (PELE-C) — Martin Cooper, director, indirectly exercised 10,000 options at 50 cents and indirectly sold 55,000 shares at 50 cents to hold 50,000 options directly and no shares indirectly.
  • Stroud Resources (SDR-T) — George Coburn, director, exercised 600,000 options at 13 cents and sold those shares at 15 cents-16 cents to hold 533,844 shares and an unspecified number of options.
  • Wheaton River Minerals (WRM-T) — The company bought 12,500 shares at 26 cents and canceled 35,000 shares to hold 20,000 shares.

    US transactions

    Meanwhile, south of the border, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reported the following insider trading transactions:

  • Alta Gold (ALTA-Q) — Vice-President John Bielun bought 10,000 shares at US50 cents each to hold 60,000 shares.
  • Hanover Gold (HVGO-O) — Director Neal Degerstrom purchased 1,500 shares at US$2 each plus 80,000 shares at US13 cents each, followed by 1,500 shares at US$2 each. He now holds 1.06 million shares. Beneficial owner Hobart Teneff also purchased 80,000 shares at US13 cents each, to hold 1.2 million shares.
  • Stillwater Mining (SWC-X) — Director Lawrence Glaser bought 900 shares at US$28.56 per share to hold 33,750 shares.
  • Cyprus Amax Minerals (CYM-N) — Vice-President Gerald Malys indirectly sold 10,000 shares at US$14 each on May 19 and 20 to hold 1138,498 shares directly and indirectly.
  • Hecla Mining (HL-N) — Vice-President William Booth bought 500 shares at US$2.50 each to hold 1,008 shares.
  • Royal Gold (RGLD-Q) — President Peter Babin indirectly sold 1,700 shares at US$4.50 each to hold, indirectly and directly, 218,700 shares.
  • Arabian Shield Development (ARSD-Q) — Chairman John Crichton sold 2,000 shares at US$1.06 each plus another 1,000 shares at the same price. He no longer holds shares in the company.

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