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Windarra Minerals Limited
Source: Mines Handbook | WRA: TSX Venture Exchange
Engaged in acq of mineral props.
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Location/Mailing300-1055 Hastings St W
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2E9
Phone604 688-1508
Fax604 629-7971
Tulloch Resources Ltd
Source: Mines Handbook
Intends to seek mineral explor & dev opportunities with a focus on precious metal deposits. Closing of a transaction on any mineral asset acq will require removal of cease trade orders & then satisfactory completion of due diligence & negotiations...
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Location/Mailing1209-409 Granville St
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1T2
Phone604 817-0534
Guinea Iron Ore Limited
Source: Mines Handbook
Explor co with 100% int in 3 iron ore props in Guinea. Plans to list on Cdn stock exchange (Mar 2012).
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Location/Mailing243-1100 Ave Canadiens-de-Mont
Windsor Stn
Montr??al, QC, Canada H3B 2S2
Phone514 868-9635
Fax514 868-9520
Acadian Mining Corporation
Source: Mines Handbook
Owns portfolio of gold props in NS (Aug 2013).
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Location/Mailing6-10 Morris Dr
Dartmouth, NS, Canada B3B 1K8
Phone902 444-7779
Fax902 444-3296
Newcrest Mining Limited
Source: Mines Handbook
Leading international gold co with prod mines in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea & Ivory Coast (Feb 2013).
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Location/MailingLevel 9, 600 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone 61 (0)3 9522 5333
Fax 61 (0)3 9525 2996
Roca Mines Inc
Source: Mines Handbook
Engaged in explor, dev & m'g of resource props in BC (July 2012).
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Location/Mailing490-1122 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 5L1
Phone604 684-2900
Fax604 684-2902
Dravco Mining Inc
Source: Mines Handbook
As of Mar 2013, exploring alternative business opportunities.
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Location/Mailing101-1865 Dilworth Dr
Unit 404
Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Y 9T1
Phone888 437-5268
Whetstone Minerals Ltd
Source: Mines Handbook
Gold explor & dev co focused on Zimbabwe where it owns advanced explor projects including several former prod mines (Feb 2013).
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Location/MailingMourant du Feu & Jeune
PO Box 87
St Helier, Jersey
Channel Islands JE4 8PX
United Kingdom
Phone 44 (77) 9697 3008
First Uranium Corporation
Source: Mines Handbook
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Location/Mailing400-77 King St W
Toronto, ON, Canada M5K 0A1
Phone416 306-3072
Fax416 306-3073
High Desert Gold Corporation
Source: Mines Handbook

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