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Big Bear Mining Corp
Source: Mines Handbook | BGBR: OTC Pink
Engaged in acq & explor of m'g props.
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Location/Mailing60 E Rio Salado Parkway
Suite 900
Tempe, AZ, United States 85281
Phone480 253-0323
Americas Diamond Corp
Source: Mines Handbook
Sept 2013, relinquished its Natal diamond project in Venezuela to its original owner, Kansai Mining Company. Co has had positive discussions with acquiring oil & gas assets.
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Location/Mailing2nd Flr
Berkeley Sq House, Berkley Sq
London W1J 6BD
Phone 44 207 681 1620
Cancor Mines Inc
Source: Mines Handbook
Engaged in explor & dev of mineral props. At Aug 2013, ongoing temporary suspension of all work programs in Algeria due to force majeure.
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Location/Mailing430-110 Crémazie Blvd W
Montréal, QC, Canada H2P 1B9
Phone514 849-3013
Fax514 384-6399
Tigray Resources Inc
Source: Mines Handbook
Mineral explor co focused on advancing early stage mineral projects in Tigray region of Ethiopia (Jan 2014).
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Location/Mailing3114-1055 Dunsmuir St
Four Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada V7X 1G4
Phone604 488-9582
Fax604 899-1240
Medusa Mining Limited
Source: Mines Handbook
Gold prod focused on props in Philippines (Sept 2012).
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Phone 61 8 9367 0601
Fax 61 8 9367 0602
Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Limited
Source: Mines Handbook | Hong Kong Stock Exchange
One of leading suppliers of imported coking coal & particularly, one of single largest offtaker of Mongolian coking coal into China in terms of volume purchased in 2009. Winsway's business includes procurement, transportation, storage, processing &...
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Location/MailingSuite 4602A, Cheung Kong Ctr
2 Queen's Road
Central Hong Kong
Phone852 2537-0111
Fax852 2555-7800
Minmetals Resources Limited
Source: Mines Handbook | Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Minmetals, together with its subsids & jointly-controlled entities & associates, owns & opers a portfolio of significant base metal m'g opers, dev & & explor projects. Minmetals is one of the largest prod of zinc, & is engaged in m'g, processing &...
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Location/MailingLevel 23
28 Freshwater Place
Southbank Victoria 3006
Phone61 3 9288-0888
Fax61 3 9288-0800
Mirabela Nickel Ltd
Source: Mines Handbook
International nickel producer engaged in m'g, prod & sale of nickel conc (June 2013).
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Location/Mailing77 St Georges Terrace
Level 21, Allendale Sq
Perth, W Australia 6000
Phone618 9324-1177
Fax618 9324-2171
Pan American Fertilizer Corp
Source: Mines Handbook
Engaged primarily in evaluating, acq & explor natural resource props.
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Location/Mailing601-570 Granville St
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3P1
Phone604 688-9588
Fax604 909-1163
Oromin Explorations Ltd
Source: Mines Handbook
Focused on exploring the OJVG Gold Project in Senegal, West Africa (May 2013).
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Location/Mailing2000-1055 Hastings St W
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2E9
Phone604 331-8772
Fax604 331-8773

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