Building on the success of its inaugural conference, the Canadian Mining Symposium in London, England, in May of this year, The Northern Miner is launching its second one-day event entitled The Progressive Mine Forum.


Live roundtable discussions will be complemented by real-time interaction with the audience via social media, as well as commentary from industry leaders. We are set to take the event forum to an entire new level of inter-activity.

Progressive Mine Forum - Live Round-Table Discussions

The event will also be the occasion for the launch of the PDAC’s 85th anniversary special edition publication. The Northern Miner’s leading industry reporters will examine what innovations the PDAC believe will be re-shaping the industry in the next 15 years and a live roundtable discussion will be borne out of those reports.

PDAC Celebrates its 85th Anniversary in 2017

Key Industry Pillars

3 Pillars of Progressive Mine Forum
The Progressive Mine Forum will be held at The Carlu’s Round Room in downtown Toronto. This innovative event will focus on bringing together service providers, mining company executives as well as students and young professionals to learn about and interact with the most cutting-edge innovations that are set to re-define the mining industry.

Join us and help spur our industry forward with the most innovative ideas, processes and technologies available to mining companies today.

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