Aboriginal Issues

AME BC's Dirom concerned about health of junior markets

Source: Daily News | 2016-02-03
VANCOUVER — The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia’s (AME BC) annual Mineral Exploration Roundup conference is in the rear-view mirror, and in  four weeks the mining community will gather in Toronto for the...

BC Minister Rustad encourages industry, First Nations to 'build relationships' 

Source: Print Archives | 2016-02-03
VANCOUVER — British Columbia’s Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad said at this year’s Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver that the provincial government is working with First Nation...

Editorial: Aboriginal think tank calls for 'bold' infrastructure development in Far North  

Source: Print Archives | 2016-02-03
With the new federal government having vowed in its election platform to improve the lives of Aboriginal Canadians and spend tens of billions on infrastructure projects to offset the economic downturn, it’s a perfect time for aboriginal...

Premier Clark to BC miners: 'We're fighting for you' 

Source: Print Archives | 2016-02-03
VANCOUVER — British Columbia Premier Christy Clark spoke at the opening of this year’s Mineral Exploration Roundup convention, hosted by the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, and told attendees the provincial...

BC Chief Gottfriedson says First Nations need 'culture of greatness' 

Source: Print Archives | 2016-02-03
VANCOUVER — British Columbia Regional Chief Shane Gottfriedson told delegates at the Mineral Exploration Roundup convention in Vancouver that the resource industry could be a game changer for First Nations in the province, but a higher...

Letter to the editor: Reliable access vs. reliable understanding in BC

Source: Daily News | 2016-01-26
While Mr. Dirom’s recent opinion piece, “B.C. explorers need reliable access to land to make discoveries” (T.N.M., Jan. 25-31, 2016) raises valid concerns, he offers only the same tired and outdated responses that are actually...

Commentary: Tapped resources - Water use and its impact on mining in Canada 

Source: Print Archives | 2016-01-20
Scrutiny of water-use policies and regulations, and concern that provincial governments across Canada need to better regulate industrial water use, have become more prominent in recent years, particularly after the recent droughts in B.C. and...

Editorial: Ontario gov't criticized by Auditor General over Ring of Fire file 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-12-23
With the Auditor General of Ontario Bonnie Lysyk newly releasing her Annual Report 2015, it’s been the Ontario government’s mismanagement of the province’s electricity generation system that has grabbed the biggest headlines...

Commentary: How to revive exploration in Manitoba 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-12-23
The opportunities related to mining and exploration are enormous in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but mineral exploration in these two provinces is decreasing, and our industry will need to see changes if we are to expect improvement.

Editorial: What to expect from a Liberal government in Canada 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-10-21
The stunning return of the Liberal Party of Canada to majority status in the federal election held Oct. 19 surprised most people in Canada, who had expected at best a surge to minority government from third place behind the ruling Conservative...