Aboriginal Issues

Editorial: What to expect from a Liberal government in Canada 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-10-21
The stunning return of the Liberal Party of Canada to majority status in the federal election held Oct. 19 surprised most people in Canada, who had expected at best a surge to minority government from third place behind the ruling Conservative...

Election 2015: Liberals, Greens and NDP Q&A on mining in Canada

Source: Daily News | 2015-09-30
With Canadians looking ahead to a federal election on Oct. 19, The Northern Miner submitted mining-related questions to the leaders of the four major political parties running across Canada. The following are the answers from the Liberal Party...

BAPE report advises against uranium mining in Quebec 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-08-19
The future of Quebec’s uranium industry remains up in the air, after the province’s environmental agency released a report concluding it would be “inappropriate” to allow uranium development — at least for now.

NWT's Ramsay stays upbeat as Canada's energy and mine ministers meet 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-07-29
VANCOUVER — On July 20 Canadian federal, provincial and territorial energy and mines ministers gathered in Halifax, N.S., for the 72nd annual Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference. The event comes at a time that the mining...

Commentary: Safety first for a new generation of Cree miners 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-07-01
“Working underground for me is like working in your basement for you.” That’s the first thing Marcelin Bruneau tells the 12 young Crees sitting in front of him. That gets their interest.  “When I started mining in...

Editorial: Transparency Act kicks in 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-06-03
The first day of June saw the coming into force in Canada of the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act, which compels extractive companies to publicly report any significant payments they make to governments at home and abroad.

Editorial: BC gov't solves Arctos conundrum 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-05-06
One of the more contentious showdowns in B.C. in recent years between a First Nation and a mine developer has been neatly diffused by the B.C. government, which has swept in with $18.3 million to buy Fortune Minerals’ Arctos high-quality...

Editorial: Not all pleased with Ring of Fire sale 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-04-29
The final week of April saw the closing of Noront Resources’ acquisition of Cliffs Natural Resources’ chromite assets in northern Ontario’s Ring of Fire region. The deal saw a last-minute bump-up in the price to US$27.5...

Federal budget 2015 offers up a few tidbits for miners 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-04-29
VANCOUVER — On April 21, Canadian Minister of Finance Joe Oliver tabled the country’s annual federal budget, wherein the Conservative government achieved a $1.4-billion surplus that fulfills the promise of balanced books made...

Commentary: Aboriginal Peoples score 200 legal wins in Canada's resources sector 

Source: Print Archives | 2015-03-04
Pipelines, energy exports, fracking, clear-cuts, tailings ponds and access to resources are daily in the news as the industry faces pushback on traditional lands from natives who feel that their way of life is threatened. But what’s...